Only in my dreams

I see myself lying next to you
I twist you hair while you sleep
You dream away
I touch your face
My fingers run from your forehead
down to your lips

I wanna stay all night
to feel your warm breath on my skin
There's no one else I am thinking of
cause nothing compares to you
and that's for sure
I don't dare to fall asleep
Too afraid of wakeing up without you
But that's what do
Every morning i open my eyes to fill them with tears
It was an illusion, again...
Just a neverending dream

6.8.06 01:10

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lisa13246 (18.8.06 14:08)
schönes bild! du hast echt geschmack:-)

timor (29.11.07 15:54)
schöner text, macht mich echt traurig. weil ich weiss wie es ist so viel liebe geben zu können, aber selbst keine zu erhalten...

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