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I am standing in the dark
Waiting for the guiding light to lead the way
I'd love to hold your hand
to place a kiss on you lips while you sleep
to be the one you see first in the morning

Your words are always on my mind
Wherever I am
Whatever I do
We are still here
Waiting for the light to show the way
It is hard to face the truth
to realize that I can't touch you when my hands are cold
That I can't see you when my eyes are filled with tears
That I can't hug you when my arms are empty
That I can't feel you when my heart is lonely
That I can't love you the way I'd love to...
Is it a challenge or a fightless lost battle?
Still longing for the touch I'd sacrifice myself
Still waiting for the light I realize
that it will remain far ...

written by TheUntitled

26.7.06 20:38

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